We are delighted to FINALLY announce we have opened our first store in Kuwait! You can find us on the ground floor of Dar Al Awadi mall on Ahmed Al Jaber Street in Sharq, Kuwait City. We are open everyday from 10 am until 6pm and 99% of the time you will find either Yousef or I there ready to help you in any way we best can, by answering any questions you have about our products from the very people who make them!

We were lucky to have the talented Interior Designer Mr. Mouhannad El Kahil and Ms Nemat Al Majzoob from Spazio Interno Co Interior Architects work with us on the store. We have been working hard over the years to build and refine our recipes and products and have been rebranded by designer and art director Lara Al-Hadeedi to match our progress (and hijacking our instagram account).

We are in a quiet, serene mall in Kuwait to match the experience of the relaxing scents that our hand-harvested lavender provides, and are thankfully away from the smell of food interfering with your sense of enjoyment. We are hoping to fill a gap in the market for beautiful, pure, natural, non-food related treats!

So allow us to extend the very famous hands of both Irish and Kuwaiti hospitality in welcoming you to our handmade soap and spa products boutique in Dar Al Awadi mall. In arabic we say Ahan wa Sahlan, in Irish we say Cead Mile Failte - and the coffee and lavender caramels are on us!